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Our Future starts here!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023


Well, what an Autumn/Winter/Spring it's been! Our third as CFI, and we've learnt so much!

We've met the most amazing customers, had a loyal following of repeat clients, and ongoing word of mouth trade. We've faced the most intriguing projects, played with endless inspirational ideas, and Ernie and the gents have created the most beautiful fireplaces, installed the most exquisite burners and uncovered the most charming chambers. We've also had new challenges, experienced difficult assignments, shed a few tears (mostly just me), and then there were those jobs that just, well......breezed by.

So what now? Well, we've made some tough decisions too over the last few months. Cancelling our subscriptions with CheckATrade in the late Autumn, and TrustATrader more recently. These are fabulous online directories, and I can't thank these companies enough for helping us get off the ground, and become visible to the people of West Yorkshire and beyond. Our focus going forward however, is to ensure that our work from the very beginning is more about quality over quantity, and the number of opportunities presented through these companies through the winter months in particular, were just too much for one man and his dog (that would be me) to deal with. Our existing customers, repeat business and your family and friends now take precedent. And those new to us, that locate us through our other channels.

Watch this space, as we dust off the website this Summer, for a fresh new look, brim full of testimonials, past projects and new ideas!

So , if you've been undecided on whether or not to pursue that project that has been sat on the back burner for a while (had to throw a pun in somewhere), and you are unsure on where to start, or who to use, PLEASE DO GET IN TOUCH, for a free, no obligation quotation

Friends, Family and Followers, spread the word We are very much open for business #2023 #LetsMakeThisHappen

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